Best with Staff Performance Review Software

Best with Staff Performance Review Software

Smarter Appraisal offers a multi-featured web-based staff appraisal solution. Automate your time-consuming process of designing, administrating and consolidating staff performance appraisals.

We help you to align employee goals with the business goals for a productive workforce. We have a built-in 360-degree feedback system that you can easily add questions and rating scales.

With Smarter Appraisal, you can regularly review an employee’s performance so that your organization can achieve a high level of employee engagement and meet the organization goals.

Our solution supports approval routing across multi-level reporting structure. The appraisal templates can be tailored to suit various staff designations and seniority levels.

All data is stored online. You can access the data from anywhere. Simply log on to our web-based solution to create, track and review the goals of your organization anytime.

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