Technology saves you a lot of time. There is no need to wait for response or feedback overnight. Unlike in the past, you can access the system any time if you have forgotten to bring certain important documents from home. Technology lets you access all the information from a single storage place and share with your colleagues. With technology, you can save time and allow for more time to grow your business.

Here is the breakdown of how technology saves your time.

Appraisal forms that the manager uploads to the system can be shares with all employees. Alternatively, the manager can select the employees to evaluate by sending an email to them. Appraisal results gathered from employees are stored online. Managers can easily generate real-time reports and analyze data. You do not need to consolidate the results manually to produce a report. The report is readily available on a click, so you can quickly see a breakdown in the visual reports. You can even export appraisal reports to excel for meeting and discussion purposes easily.

Web-based solution/Cloud Hosting/Internet
Appraisal results and information are backed up/stored in the cloud-base system. You do not have to manually search through thousands of files to obtain employee information. You can easily access to your employee appraisal’s information by pressing some keys and the information can be shared instantly.

Employees can do away with pen and paper filling of forms when the forms are stored in the shared location. Evaluation forms are in web-based form builder with predefined templates. Employees can create and submit the form via web-based Staff performance appraisal system.

Employees can update their performance appraisal when they are out of office. All appraisal forms are stored online and syncs with your mobile device and desktop. You do not have to go back and forth to access your performance appraisal information. You can access using the mobile or tablet device anywhere you go.

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