Goal setting is one of the most important things you need to have in your performance appraisal system. It is the first step in your performance appraisal system and an effective way to achieve success, exploit your full potential at work. Why it’s important to set goals for work?

Avoid Vagueness and to be specific
Help your employee to set up their goals and keep their goals realistic. Ensure the employee knows clearly what is expected of their performance and avoid vagueness. Describe exactly what you are looking for from the employee, monitor their progress and achievements in a specific time frame.

It helps us prioritize and organize
When we have clear established goals, we are able to prioritize and organize our work better. Goals remind us of what we have decided that is important to us.

It helps to measure our progress
Setting goals involves specificity; it allows us to monitor and measure our progress. It makes it easy to see if we are following through our plan.

Give us Focus
By setting goals, we are able to focus on what is important to us. It reminds us what we need to concentrate on. It gives us a clear direction that will help us reach our desired destination and prevents us from getting lost and wasting of time and effort.

It builds confidence
Many people lack the confidence to pursue their goals so they do not even try. When we prioritize, we can focus on what is important. It builds confidence, as you recognize your own ability and competence in achieving the goals that you’ve set. Confidence gives you the power to keep moving forward.

It provides motivation
The wonderful thing about setting goals is that it is highly motivational. When we set goals, it clearly states our intentions and commitment to achieve them. It creates accountability and motivates us for the accomplishments. It motivates us to stay on track by reminding us of what is important to us.

It saves us time
When we have well-defined goals, having a clear direction helps us get to our desired destination. It helps to prevent us from losing our way and wasting precious time. 

It keeps us accountable
When we set clear and specific goals that are measurable, it keeps us accountable for our actions. There is no doubt of what we are doing because we know exactly what needs to be done. It encourages us to commit to the maximum of our goals.

It is clear that goal setting is beneficial in many ways. It is of key importance to implement goals in the organization combined with all the reasons stated above. You can have a productive, motivated and high-achieving team on the way to success!