Employee engagement is the key factor for achieving high performance. Hiring the right people in the right position is the key to successful business. However employee retention becomes another challenge for the company. Once a year appraisals are ineffective, when employees have different expectations in their work environment. If you want to keep your employee happy and satisfied at work, these are some ways of how we can improve engagement at work.

How: Communication
Lack of communication will lead to unhappiness in the workplace. Instead of having performance appraisal once a year, managers should make this a regular exercise. Manager and employee can get together to discuss performance goal and development to strengthen the relationship.

Communication lets employees have a chance to provide input to the manager and vice versa, manager to employees. They can share the difficulty, problem or issues when on their job. This action will support employee in their performance, development and help to ensure that the employee is part of the organisation.

How: Growth and development
Training is a key to engaged employees. Let employees have a chance to familiarise with the job function and environment. Invest the time and effort to nurture your employees and help them grow.

When you focus on continuous improvement and development on your employee, you create a positive atmosphere that encourages learning. They definitely will stay with you for long.

How: Recognition & Appreciation/Focus on good performance
Recognition and appreciation is one of the leading factors contributing to employee satisfaction and motivation in your workplace. Positive feedback lets your employees know that their hard work is valued and appreciated.