An effective performance appraisal system plays a crucial role in managing performance in an organization. It works towards the improvement of the overall organizational performance by managing the performance of team and individuals for the achievement of overall organization objective and goals.

Understanding the benefits of performance appraisal can help an organization make the best use of them.

Improved organizational productivity and performance
Improving organizational performance is one of the most important reasons for an organization to have a performance appraisal system. Goals and objective of an organization offer to communicate expectation to the team and assess how well each member is doing. When everyone is clear on the expectation and problems faced, this will result in an overall improvement in organization success.

Training and Development
Performance evaluations keep a record of employee’s strengths and weaknesses in conjunction with their job specifications. By reviewing the evaluation data, identifying the necessary training and development plan, the employee will be able to close the gap between current performance and desired performance.

Cost savings
An automated staff performance review will help the manager on the staff development. Managers will have more time to focus on developing people instead of filling or writing performance reviews. Company can save cost on paper, ink, postage and other supplies that support a paper–heavy office.

Improving Communication
Communications should be kept open and face-to-face so that employees are also encouraged to provide their own feedback about the performance expectations. Managers are always busy with day-to-day responsibilities and often neglect the necessary communication with employees. Smarter Appraisal solution provides an opportunity for manger and employee to sit down and discuss performance review.

Reporting Analytics
Performance appraisal system allows you to access a variety of data analytics. Manager can analyze employee performance instantly by generating real time reports anytime. Intuitive chart for comparison of employee appraisal results by year and monitoring performance across the organization can be easily generated. Data can be used to improve the quality of the workforce and to monitor the effectiveness of changes in recruitment strategies for the new hires.

An effective performance appraisal system plays a crucial role in managing the performance in an organization to ensure the achievement of the overall organizational ambitions and goals.