It is easy to maintain day-to-day activities in the early stage of your business. But once your business grows, you will need to think about long term strategic planning. This is especially so if you take on more staff and departments in your organization.

Today’s competitive manufacturing environment requires continuous improvement in productivity, quality and efficiency. There is a need to look towards automation to improve on your manufacturing and human resource needs. Smarter Appraisal helps you implement the best-practice performance review that drives employee performance, development, engagement and retention.

Organization Alignment
Automated performance appraisal allows you to track organizational and departmental goals and make them easily accessible to employees. The system allows monitoring progress on goals, making sure you have the right talent supporting your organization. This process ensures that employees in your organisation sets and achieves effective goals.

Benefits: Increase employee engagement, drive higher performance

Goals Settings

Create Goals

Clarifying role and expectations
Everyone has assigned duties on their job. But not all employees can get clear output from their duties. Competencies/job skills describe how work should be done by employees. This process provides clarity of the expectations, responsibilities and functions to be performed by the employees.

Benefits: improving the efficiency of recruitment process, develop the skills you need in current workforce and accurate measurement of employee’s job performance.

Competency List

Score comparison

Training and development needs
Manufacturing industry requires highly-specialized skills and experienced employees. By setting goals for employees and communicating required competencies, Smarter Appraisal allows managers to better identify performance, build high-performing and skilled workforce required. Automating your employee evaluation process allows you to identify critical skill gaps between current performance and desired performance.

Benefits: identify your high potential employees, retain your top employees and increase chances of promotion.

Gap Analysis

Top performer

Every industry faces unique challenges in performance appraisal. Finding and retaining the right skills of a good employee is a challenge. It will continue to be a burden to the manufacturing industry. To optimize the efficiency of your manufacturing process, you have to optimize the quality of your employees. Performance appraisal system is one of the solutions to automation and optimizing your employee performance appraisal process.

Take the first step and start building your workforce today with Smarter Appraisal.