A great tool at work for everyone

Everyone plays an important role in a company. Everyone in the company has the responsibility to participate and get involved in this process in order to make the business a success. The involvement of the stakeholder’s group include executive, manager, HR and employee.

A great tool at work for everyone

Executive (Management)
Executive (Management) plays a lead in the process acting as role models for the company. Your responsibility is to ensure the company has the talent and skills needed for business success.

You need to ensure the organization’s goals and mission are aligned and reinforced with every employee for maximizing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Finally, Executive has to provide effective business decisions about the company.

Manager (Supervisor)
Managers (Supervisors) have to provide leadership from the goals set by the Executives (Management). They have the responsibility to support employee development and career progression.

The managers have to check regularly with employees on their progress on goals, provide coaching and assistance to achieve goals. Reviews have to be done regularly in a two-way discussion throughout the year instead of an annual review. What is also important is to deliver positive and constructive feedback during one-on-one meetings.

The role of HR in this performance management process is to design the best practice performance management process with reasonable deadlines for completing each step of the process. Hence, HR can save time on automating the performance management process and focus on talent strategy.

HR should look at training and coaching for all levels of staff in the performance management process. They should analyze and review the results and recommend areas of improvement. HR should play an impartial role in the performance management process and look at the overall performance of each person in the company.

The entire performance appraisal process revolves around employees in the company. Employees have to work towards achieving individual goals as well as help the organization reach its goals and objectives.

Each person has to take care of their career development plan, be open to feedback and take the initiative to improve their performance.

Every employee needs to complete the self-appraisal with goals, competencies, and expectations, completing them during the specified deadline. Be honest about your performance and the ratings you have given to yourself!

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