What are you planning for 2017? What are the preparations and steps needed for a smooth process in your performance reviews?

#Tips for your effective performance review.

1. Preparation
Start your company’s goal and job description for the employee. Gather information about your employee‘s performance throughout the year.

Schedule meeting with your employee for the review in advanced, So that you don’t have to rush for the time to conduct the review. Private and quite location is advised for the meeting.

2. Goal setting
Help your employee to set up their goals and keep their goals realistic. Ensure the employee knows what is expected of his or her performance. Describe exactly what you are looking for from the employee and help them to enhance their skills.

Setting goals high will deflate your employee and without goals, will turn off your employee challenge of work.

3. Reviews
Discuss quarterly on employee positive performance and areas for improvement regularly, hence your employee knows what to focus on and able to perform better on the task given my manager.

4. Feedback
Feedback is an important part of the review process. Allow your employee to feedbacks and gather information on what they need from you. Constructive feedbacks provided for the coming year and clarify expectations.

5. No Surprises
Avoid surprises during your performance review. Summarize the purpose of the review and avoid giving negative feedback. Always encourage employee to respond to your feedback at the performance review.

6. Stay positive
Spend more time on positive aspects rather that blaming. Your employee will find motivating and rewarding.

7. Future plan
Build a better relationship with your employees by telling them what they good at, what they could have performed better and how to improve for the next performance cycle.