Keeping everyone aligned to work towards the same goals within the organization is a big task on hand. Everyone involved will have to understand and commit to the goals set in the given time frame within which they should be achieved.

Step 1: Write them down
Assign goals to your team and have them logged into the Performance Appraisal system, which allows them to set, track and review their progress. Employees can be more motivated and accountable for what they’re working on.

Step 2: Making goals that are realistic
Making goals that are realistic to ensure that the employee knows what is expected of their performance so that the employee is clear and able to achieve by a specific time frame. 

Step3: Set deadline
Set deadline for employee to submit progress update. With this thought process in place, it means that you can successfully implement a team goal and have everyone align and focused on it. They will latch onto the time and task at hand even when busy or preoccupied with other activities.

Step 4: Be SMART
Setting SMART Goals is a great way to ensure your team has a clear guideline to follow, ensures everyone is on the same page and that there is no doubt about how to work towards completing either individual or team goals.
  • Specific: Create goals that are clear and specific enough to be useful. Avoid vagueness.
  • Measurable: Identify goal that is measurable and meaningful so that progress can be tracked and motivating for the employee.
  • Assignable: The goal should be attainable by someone who can realistically take on the role or work.
  • Relevant: The goal must align with organizational goal and be worthwhile to the employee.
  • Timely: Have a realistic time frame in which they can meet the goal on time.
Now, you’re ready to set goals for your team. Be a SMART person with SMART goals, you will be on the way to success!